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Increasing air pollution in port cities and strict environmental regulations (e.g. the introduction of the Sulphur directive as of IMO MARPOL Annex VI) made it crucial for the maritime and transport industries to search for alternative fuel and energy sources. Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) promises to present a solution for their dilemma.

Project "Go LNG" is a response to the ever-changing situation on the LNG market. It is focused on the development of demand and accessibility of LNG in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR). The project activities are aimed at the implementation of the EU Clean Fuel Strategy and the EU Directive on Deployment of Alternative Fuel Infrastructure in order to establish a strategic approach for the development of LNG infrastructure and promote its usage in the transport industry.

26-27.10.2016 Copenhagen

Danish Maritime Days is a major new event for the global maritime industry. It brings together a broad spectrum of stakeholders from across the industry with the objective to find new solutions to the most important challenges facing the industry today and in the future.
With many events – including conferences, briefings, exhibitions, symposia, company visits, receptions and dinners Danish Maritime Days is an opportunity to meet your peers from around world, to make new connections, to be inspired and to pave the way for new partnerships.
One of the discussion panel:
“Low Oil Prices and LNG: Supporting the LNG Infrastructure development in the Baltic Sea Region” was organized within project “Go LNG” and gathered more than 60 LNG business stakeholders from all of the Baltic Sea Region.


During the seminar, the participants looked into actions supporting the continuous LNG development in the Baltic Sea Region. New innovations such as mobile bunkering solutions with intermediate storage tanks, LNG solutions for heavy road transport, and the use of LNG as cooling energy were all presented and eagerly debated at the meeting.

18.10.2016 Sopot

Over 40 representatives from the energy and maritime industry, as well as members of the academia, gathered on October 18th in Sopot at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Gdansk, to take part in the “GoLNG Polska” seminar. 
The seminar was dedicated to the use of small-scale LNG in the transport and energy sectors in Poland and further development of the LNG Value Chain in the Baltic Sea Region. The aim of the event, organized by the Motus Foundation, was the introduction of the Polish LNG cluster and an examination of possibilities for its establishment.


25.08.2016 Nyborg

MSSM is an annual conference where maritime companies, authorities and organisations meet to gain new knowledge on safety, health and the environment. At MSSM, the Blue Denmark can experience short lectures, workshops and presentations.
The aim of the conference is to bring together everyone in the Danish shipping industry. Ship owners, regulatory authorities, researchers, companies and maritime training schools – engaged in occupational health and safety, well-being, collaboration, leadership and the environment in the office onshore and at sea.
One of the discussion panel:
 “LNG Competence Development In The Baltic Sea Region” was organized within project “Go LNG”

31.05.2016 Gdańsk

On May 31 2016, the international natural gas-fuelled vehicles (NGV) rally, “Blue Corridor”, arrived in the port city of Gdansk, Poland. The 10th anniversary edition of the Blue Corridor Rally, known as “Amber Road”, focusses on natural gas in vehicles (NGVs) through a new lens: promoting LNG as a marine bunker fuel.


21-22.05.2016 Lubeck

Methodological and Content-Based Strategic Meeting – Practical
workshop on finalization of mapping procedures, technical and contents
specification of the Blue Corridors Strategy (WP2) and Integrated LNG Value Chain
(WP3) across the Baltic Sea Region.
The partner meeting was mainly focused on two project’s components WP2 and WP4, but there was also discussion on correlating activities, management and communication within others project’s components.



12-14.04.2016 Klaipeda
Project Go LNG Kick-off meeting

Representatives of project partners: 23 participants.
First meeting of the project partnership aiming to discuss project management, reporting issues, distribute tasks to the partners, set up project implementation organization and deadlines, discuss role of the industry partners (associated organizations) in the project.