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During the scientific seminar of Institute of Marine Traffic Engineering, Marko Perkovič has given a very interesting presentation entitled "Study on the Port and Waterway Safety Assessment and Ship Handling Challenges When Vessels are Outgrowing Ports".
Presentation can be downloaded here.
Marine Traffic Engineering Institute has signed cooperation agreement with 7Cs. SevenCs is a leading provider of software for maritime navigation and chart display, and other chart display and navigation applications. Core product is the EC2007 ECDIS Kernel, used by OEMs worldwide to display digital charts and to provide navigational functions. Furthermore the company offers software tools for the production of Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs).

MTE is cooperating with NAVICO company - largest navigation devices supplier on world for non commercial market. MTE is acredited by Navico as a 3G and 4G radar software supplier.

On 14-15 June 2012 a delegation of MTE Institute (MUS) visited Zhejiang Ocean University (ZOU) in the Chinese province of Zheijang (Zhoushan archipelago). During the visit, an agreement on cooperation was signed between the MTE Institute and the department of Naval Architecture and Civil Engineering. The agreement was signed on behalf of the MTE director prof. L. Gucma, while the hosts represented by Professor Xie, dean of the faculty. The hosts were invited to a return visit in Poland in the autumn of this year. The agreement includes the exchange of Phd students and exchange of professors.

W dniach 11-12.06 Odbyło się międzynarodowe seminarium International Marine Technologies Workshop na Uniwersytecie Nottingham w Ningbo (Chiny).


On 12.06.2012 Prof. Eng. Gucma associate professor and Phd. Eng. Maciej Gucma participate in the technical conference combined with a visit to Ningbo VTS center. VTS covered by the PRC Maritime Administration covers the area of ​​the South China Sea to the Hangzhou Bay between the mainland and the Zhoushan archipelago.

We are pleased to announce that Navigation Technical Devices No. 2 and No. 3 were published. Works of our colleague MSc. Eng. Jakub Sklenar satisfy the demand for information on the navigation in seamanship, including treating charts and how to determine the course. Both publications have been issued in the author's native language - Czech. This is a response to the lack of publication of this kind in the Czech Republic, as the author points out in his work. The work has been favorably reviewed by Phd. Paul Zalewski.

This page is dedicated to all professionals, engineers and researchers who wish to deepen their knowledge in Marine Traffic Engineering. We also would like to present our current and passed projects , work offer, and other related issues. Scientific material is available through our SCI-BASE and articles dedicated for download. We encourage You to visit us more frequent to see changes on our web materials

We would like to invite You to  European Navigation Conference in year 2012 that is organized by PNF in Gdansk 24-27.04.2012.


Prototype design and implementation of marine transport safety management system in Poland.

Marine Traffic Engineering Research Team implements the development project: marine transport safety management system in Poland. The project is funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (No. A 0097 R00 1911).

Aim of the project is to build and implement a maritime safety management system on Polish waters of the Southern Baltic. The system is designed to increase the safety of navigation in the South Baltic through effective maritime transport safety management, consisting in a cyclic process of estimating the level of safety, comparing it to an acceptable level and to develop optimal technical solutions and legal regulations resulting in increase of safety level. System implementation will take place in maritime administration units on a various levels (Ministry of Infrastructure, Maritime Offices) and the Sea Ports Authorities. The system will be divided into two subsystems (a subsystem of risk management in open and limited area on the Southern Baltic). Prototype of functional system built under the project and implemented in the maritime administrations will consist of the real devices (standard computer domain) and software built in the project.

Research work on the subject of the project is carried out by the Institute of Marine Traffic Engineering Maritime University since 2000. Series of models and methods for assessing navigational risk in open and limited areas was a part of this work. This research not resulted in implementation of marine safety management system. The current status of research in this field allows us to build and implement a marine safety management system on the Southern Baltic.