Inżynieria Ruchu Morskiego - Marine Traffic Engineering

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On 12.06.2012 Prof. Eng. Gucma associate professor and Phd. Eng. Maciej Gucma participate in the technical conference combined with a visit to Ningbo VTS center. VTS covered by the PRC Maritime Administration covers the area of ​​the South China Sea to the Hangzhou Bay between the mainland and the Zhoushan archipelago.

On average in a year in Ningbo VTS area of ​​responsibility is about 80 thousand ships> 3000T and undefined number of smaller units. VTS has 6 coastal radar stations and AIS transponders group. Ningbo VTS system uses one of the best and most appropriate programs to manage vessel traffic in the world (the production company HITT). During the visit HITT-Integrator introduced strengths of their system. During stay in the center the possibility of cooperation between our institutions were presented (Vice-Director of the Office of Ningbo Maritime Safety Committee Mr Cpt. Xian and the main operator of Ms. Youn VTS).