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LNG Project

The objective of the LNG Delivery To Poland is to construct and operate the Liquefied Natural Gas terminal in Świnoujście along with Outer Breakwater and surroundings. Construction of the LNG terminal will increase energy independence and security of Poland.

MTE team is strongly involved with LNG terminal development in Poland and so far our role is outlined by following scientific works:

  • Analysis of possible localizations of LN terminal at polish coast. 2001
  • Comparison of localizations, optimal site for LNG in Poland basing on MTE factors.2005
  • Conception of rebuild of breakwater in Swinoujscie in aspect of LNG localization.2006
  • Navigational analysis of entering LNG carriers of capacity 200.000 m3 to Gdańsk and Świnoujście ports at Polish coast.2006
  • Desing of outer breakwater in Swinoujscie – Feasibility study.2007
  • Construction of LNG transfer quay at outer port of Swinoujscie.2007
  • Conceptual vision of layout of port and terminal in outer port of Swinoujscie .2008
  • Navigational analysis of outer port of Swinoujscie. 2008
  • Navigational analysis of outer port of Swinoujscie. Correction of turning area .2008
  • Report from Scientific Project („LNG for Poland”) Ministry of Scince 2009
  • Navigational analysis of unloading terminal in Swinoujscie.2009
  • Quantitive analysis of risk for sea terminal in Swinoujscie. 2010
  • Ship-Shore compatibility study for carriers 75000-216000 cu.m.(TB done 2010)

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